What is the Interfaith Refugee Project and how are you responding to the global refugee crisis?


Through strategic grant-making, Interfaith Refugee Project supports refugees to achieve safety and dignity, and resettle with support to build a full life. We believe that to create a world safe for refugees, we must foster mutual respect and responsibility across different faiths and communities. 

When refugees flee their homes, they face a multitude of challenges. They need immediate crisis response, long-term humanitarian assistance, comprehensive legal representation and help resettling to build a new life. They also need an international community that is advocating on their behalf to create a policy and legal environment welcoming of refugees. Collectively, Interfaith Refugee Project supports organizations that address all of these needs. Through building a portfolio of grants that responds comprehensively to these challenges, we seek to bring attention to the perilous journey each refugee faces from the moment they flee their homes through their struggle to build a new life, often far away from home and with very little support.