Trump's new immigration policy


We are outraged by the current executive order on immigrants and refugees. We believe it is a betrayal of our core American values and the teachings of our faiths. This decision will tear apart families, cause great suffering and do nothing to safeguard Americans. The refugee crisis is the largest humanitarian crisis of our lifetime. We must stand united in what America has always stood for, welcoming the stranger.  

Refugees need your support now more than ever. Here is what you can do to take action:

Advocate. Call your Members of Congress. Your voice matters! Members of Congress listen to what their constituents want when deciding what issues to push and how to vote. You can find the phone numbers for your Members of Congress here. Here is a sample script: 

"I urge President Trump and Congress to restore refugee resettlement and to end detention and deportation of those seeking safety. American has long been a place of refuge for the world’s most vulnerable. Refugees should be welcomed to our country."

Then make it personal. Tell them why admitting these refugees is important to you.

Donate. With your help, we can provide refugees stuck in camps with the services they need, support resettlement in countries that are still willing to welcome refugees, ensure refugees receive comprehensive legal representation, and advocate for refugees in the United States and around the world. To learn more about where your money will go, visit our Partners section.