Throughout history, nearly all waves of immigration and refugees have been accompanied by stigmatization, suspicion and fear. The following resources can be used to promote greater understanding and compassion for refugees.

There are over 65 million forcibly displaced people worldwide. Visit the UN Refugee Agency webpage to see more statistics about the plight of refugees around the world. Watch these videos produced by World Vision and HIAS to learn about how some individuals and families are affected.

Refugees undergo more rigorous screening than anyone else allowed into the United States. Here's what the screening process looks like for them.

Check out this graphic story series in the New York Times that follows a Syrian family’s first months in the U.S.

Did you know that Albert Einstein, Madeleine Albright, Gloria Estefan and Google co-founder Sergei Brin were all refugees? Refugees resettled in the United States contribute to their communities in significant ways. They pay taxes and open businesses, bring expertise, new ideas, culture, cuisine, entertainment, and much more. Learn more about their successes here