Interfaith Refugee Project is guided by the following values:

Pluralism: We are committed to building respect, trust and consensus amongst individuals who may hold deeply divergent religious views.

Inclusion: We support organizations who uphold the dignity and rights of all refugees—regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or other identity-driven characteristics. We seek to bring special focus to refugees who are most marginalized, such as women, children, religious and sexual minorities and stateless people.

Compassion and Action: Our religious faiths instill in us a commitment to compassion and action. We believe that when we see hurt in the world, we have the obligation and opportunity to act.

Continuous Learning and Innovation: We approach our work with humility and enthusiasm. We continuously seek to deepen our knowledge and improve our programming. We value innovation and are responsive to new ideas.   

Accountability and Transparency: We operate with accountability and transparency, and expect the same from our partners.