Refugees need our support now more than ever. Call your Members of Congress to demand that the United States continue its tradition of welcoming refugees. Your voice matters! Members of Congress listen to what their constituents want when deciding what issues to push and how to vote. You can find the phone numbers for your Members of Congress here. Here is a sample script:

“I urge President Trump and Congress to restore refugee resettlement and to end detention and deportation of those seeking safety. American has long been a place of refuge for the world’s most vulnerable. Refugees should be welcomed to our country.”

[Then make it personal. Tell them why admitting these refugees is important to you.]


Additionally, our partners HIAS and IRAP are working tirelessly to advocate for congressional efforts to oppose the limits on refugee resettlement and to educate the public on the negative impact of any refugee resettlement reduction for vulnerable groups. We encourage our supporters to join their efforts. You can sign up to receive action alerts from IRAP, which will let you know when you can make your voice heard to impact U.S. policy. Please visit to subscribe to these alerts.