After many months of feeling powerless about the plight of refugees, we have come together to take action. We recognize that we are surrounded by many people of means, who are generous and eager to help. Our goal is to create a vehicle for action, and to collaborate together in a way that brings attention to the humanity of all refugees—regardless of religion, race or other identity-based categorizations. Through this initiative, we hope to connect you to organizations working to enable refugees of all backgrounds to be safe, welcomed and free. 

We have partnered with four organizations—HIASIslamic ReliefWorld Vision and the International Refugee Assistance Project.

Three out of four of the organizations we selected are faith-rooted. This means that their faith serves as a call to action against injustice, and they work to protect the most vulnerable people, regardless of faith. These organizations not only do critical work to protect refugees, they also bring focus to our shared humanity through their mission and values. In today’s political climate, where religion often serves to divide rather than unite us, we believe it is critical to work with organizations that recognize our shared responsibility to address injustice.

Our project is designed to provide a platform for these organizations to receive your support. By making a donation through our donation page, your full contribution will go directly to these organizations and is fully tax deductible.